Earn floods Comrie

Storm Frank gave us a wild night and this morning the River Earn rose rapidly, flooding parts of Comrie. It broke its banks in Strowan Road near the Fire Station, which was flooded, and flowed through gardens and around the properties in the cul de sacs off the ominously named Tay Avenue. On the north bank it was completely across the Boulevard and lapping at the doorsteps of the older houses facing the river.

The voluntary fire brigade was joined by two tenders from Perth and together they worked at pumping water out of the flooded areas back into the Earn. Meanwhile locals helped in deploying sand bags, including extra bags provided by Perth & Kinross Council. These new bags are a clever design, being flat and lightweight. A pack of five weigh a fraction of a conventional sandbag, so you can easily carry 10 or 15 at a time. However, once they have been soaked in the floodwater for a couple of minutes they puff out to full size.

By the time I took these pictures the river was subsiding. I’m not sure how many, if any, people had floodwater in their homes, though there were certainly lots of gardens and garages affected. Many properties I saw have escaped by the skin of their teeth and I hope will take more preventative measures (only a minority seem to have air brick covers). The way our climate is changing, we can only expect more extreme weather in future. As I write it has started raining again.

My previous blog post looks at how storms Abigail, Barney, Clodagh and Desmond affected the Water of Ruchill, which flows into Comrie just upstream of today’s flooding. The flood prevention works done on the Ruchill kept it from spreading across the fields, so all its water powered into the Earn.

Update 4:40pm. It appears that the River Lednock, which flows into the Earn just downstream of Comrie Fire Station, was exceptionally high today and must have contributed to the flooding.

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