Glen Lednock dawn

It struck me, after Friday’s wintry showers deposited snow on the hills around Comrie, that Saturday’s clear weather forecast was too good to miss. So I headed up Glen Lednock, combining my photographic foray with Braan’s morning walk. Now that the nights are longer, it is much easier to rise and be out before dawn.

I parked near the Shakey Brig and started up the Maam Road then, from its high point, climbed uphill to the north. The rocky knolls on this ridge divide Glen Lednock from Strath Earn and provide good views in an arc east, south and west. As predicted by my The Photographer’s Ephemeris app, the sun rose behind Torlum, the highest hill on the south edge of Strathearn between Crieff and Comrie.

Both Ben Chonzie in the east and Ben Vorlich to the west looked dramatic when lit by the first rays of the sun. It was certainly the best part of the day, as before I was back down to the car the sky had greyed over and a cold wind was blowing.

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