Snow scenes

The sun came out today and lit up the snow on the hills around Comrie. Their brilliant white covering was only broken by the black shapes of rocks, crags and gullies. I took my camera out with the 70-200mm lens attached with the intention of focussing on the surrounding views. Though, if the truth be told, I became diverted by taking photos of Braan leaping across a ditch and chasing her frisbee over knolls.

The view to the west was the most dramatic – to the Aberuchill hills Ben Halton and Mor Bheinn. Although lower than the mountains to the north, they are closer and more rugged. Ben Halton appears as a tiered pyramid slashed by deep gullies, whilst Mor Bheinn has an imposing ridge creased into huge humps.

I climbed onto a grassy ridge above the site of Bogton farm, whose ruins the landowner bulldozed into oblivion this year. A lone oak tree here still had many of its leaves, golden in the afternoon rays. By now, Ben Chonzie, which was clear when I first went out first, had developed a cap of misty cloud. The knolly ridge that buttresses it from the Glen Lednock side looked as rough going as I remembered from the one time I tackled it.

Having lingered on the relatively warm (at least above freezing) sunny slopes, I was caught out by the arrival of a chill wind that quickly carried cloud across the sky. It was time to go home.

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